Commodities Trading

Our main products are Petroleum, Petrochemicals, Crude Oil, food commodities, metals and Gold. In the last 12 months, the supply of diesel is over 500,000 MT per month, 10 million barrels of Jet Fuel A1 per month, D6 1,000 Million US Gallon per month. Urea and Ammonia all grades supply runs at over 200,000 MT per month.

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Medical (Manage & Operate)

In 2021, Xross Investment started a medical division, investing in building and managing hospitals mainly in rehabilitation, cancer treatment, retirement villages, medical universities, and nursing colleges. Lead by a team of medical professionals with a few hundred man-years of combined experience in the management of international medical establishments. Xross provides horizontal integration for any interested country where we use leading precast building technology from Europe and the UK to build facilities typically within half the time of conventional building techniques.

The design is centered around efficiency and excellency in all aspects, medical, energy consumption, waste management, ease of access, remote consulting and home care.

We also focus on developing medical education systems to work in our facilities and hospitals locally and worldwide.

Globally, the SARS type 2 CoVd pandemic has exposed a large shortage of high-quality medical facilities, ICU and beds capacity. Geographically, Xross is focusing their investment in high population, third world countries in three main regions, Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific. Many of these regions were dependent on high quality healthcare provided by USA, EU and UK.

Due to the ban on travelling during the pandemic it became a national priority to establish high quality healthcare services locally to reduce the dependency on international facilities abroad.

Xross is capitalizing on this fact to drive investment in this sector.

Waste Management (GAEA)

“GAEA” is our waste management division where our overall mission is to convert industrial waste to profitable products such as nanocarbons, that can be used as raw material in industrial and energy applications.

Our Vision is to be a world leader in waste management and a supplier of nanocarbon material products. The name “GAEA” is a Greek personification of the mythical Earth goddess, that stabilizes Earth’s atmosphere and hydrosphere.

Our business model is to integrate existing technologies using available waste as input and a desired output from the client.

At the heart of our technology is the conversion of CO2 and CH4 to black carbon, Nano tubes, Nano fibers and water. This technology already is ready for industrial scaleup and has over 60 awarded patents worldwide. We have modified the design to be able to connect it to Oil Refineries converting them to environmentally friendly refineries.

Furthermore, we are also handling solids, fluids and other gases generated by refineries. The same concepts can be applied to any industrial zone. Our solution is able to handle all types of waste generated from landfills, industrial waste, refineries and municipal waste. This addresses two of the world largest problems water shortages and climate change. All our water treatment technologies and waste-to-energy approaches are well-established technologies at an industrial and commercial scale.

A common mistake in waste management is to simply duplicate and export a solution that works in one country to another, ignoring the fact the type and individual volumes of waste

are different. At Xross, the first step in any waste management project is to understand the type and volumes of input available, build suitable separation units or organic and non-organic waste. Organic waste is converted to raw material for paracetamol, biofuel, methane, petrochemicals and enzymes. Non-organic waste is converted to commodities raw material and waste-to-energy.

Current Projects Pipeline:

• Water Treatment in Jordan 500 M USD

• Turn-key landfill recycling Egypt 250 M USD

• Refinery waste Management (total of 5 refineries) 500 M USD each

• Methane Global Distribution 200 M USD

Food Security

Our waste management and food security divisions work closely as organic waste is converted to enzymes, fertilizers, petrochemicals, paracetamols and bio-diesel. The first two are used to improve production of farms, cattle feed and fish farms. It also eliminates the need to use chemical fertilizers like Urea and Ammonia.

We provide water purification units that not only eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses they also improve plant and animal health, and hence, production.

Energy (Conventional & Renewable), Oil & Gas and Mining

In this division, we got the ability to co-invest or secure project financing through our financial associates. We do require partner to provide full feasibility study along with 30% cash participation and we will secure the remaining 70%.

Our main interest is in Energy projects, Oil & Gas Infrastructure with a primary focus on Refineries and tank farms. 

List of Project M&A and Project Pipeline:

• Ghana refinery 100,000 bpd capacity, 1.5 B USD

• Equatorial Guinea 250,000 bpd capacity expandable to 500,000 bpd, 5 B USD

• Dominican Republic 250,000 bpd capacity expandable to 500,000 bpd, 5 B USD

• Tank Farm in Philippines 2 M Barrels, 180 M USD

• Tank Farm in Ghana 2 M Barrels, 180 M USD

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Whether simply looking to purchase a commodity, project management or project financing we can design solutions that fit your needs with the ability to (co-) invest if the project is within our areas of interest (Commodities, Medical, Waste Management, Food Security, Energy conventional and renewable, Oil and Gas, Mining).

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