About Us

About Us

We started as an online market place for buying and selling physical assets and commodities in 2018, but today we have evolved in a solution provider with an integrated business model.
The Xross platform posts opportunities that are classified into two categories:

• Infrastructure and Public Private Partnership Projects.

• Private assets such real estate, companies, commodities, mines or oil fields.

Furthermore, with our associate can provide financing for commodities purchasing and projects.

• Debt restructuring.

• Distressed assets.

• JV opportunities where all. government approvals and permits have been obtained.

Our clients are international family offices, Banks (Private and Public), High wealth Individuals and Governments.

A next step in our development was starting our Waste Management Company GAEA. The ‘Green Industrial Zone Initiative’ is driven by GAEA where we specialize in solution integration of existing technologies coupled with a number of their unique patents, thus contributing to ecologically sustainable activities. This includes acting on solids, liquid and gases produced in industrial processes. At the heart of it is CO2 monetization technology, that converts emissions to industrial scale carbon black and distilled water, both of which can be used in industrial applications.

After the initial impact of the SARS type 2 CoVd epidemic, Xross was restructured. Originally all operations were as an offshore Company and starting in October 2021 a transition was made to Onshore operations as an UK based entity.

The company established partnerships and associations with leading investors and financiers allowing it to make a transition from broker to trader.

Today, Xross is involved in ownership of physical assets, and operations of activities in 5 sectors:

  1. Medical.
  2. Waste Management.
  3. Commodity Trading.
  4. Food Security.
  5. Energy (conventional & renewable) and Mining.

With our associate, can provide commodities purchasing, financing and project financing.

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Whether simply looking to purchase a commodity, project management or project financing we can design solutions that fit your needs with the ability to (co-) invest if the project is within our areas of interest (Commodities, Medical, Waste Management, Food Security, Energy conventional and renewable, Oil and Gas, Mining).

Please contact us on Info@Xross-Investment.com